*** Latest News - Astrotrek has relocated to Gran Canaria ***

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved for your support over the years. For those of you who have persevered playing roulette with the Great British weather I have decided to take ASTROTREK to sunnier climes and there able to introduce the joys of Astronomy to more people.

The Project ASTROTREK relies on your donations and support so we can keep our Astronomy shows running. All donations from this site will go towards new equipment and maintenance.
Many Thanks for your contribution.

Martin Dunkley


It was one of those evenings so I Googled "Things to do in Northants on a boring Tuesday night" half an hour later after a short 3 mile trip down the road I was staring at Jupiter.The NAA* had a meeting down the road and I hung on their every word as they toured me round the night sky, brilliant, hooked. Within a week I had e-bayed the first of what later became an aperture fever fuelled collection of scopes. Soon as I saw I wanted more.


Over a few years at my regular venues my audience was increasing as the word got around and 2009 “ The International year of Astronomy “ really helped with lots of regular space related programs , even some without Brian Cox. After introducing donations to cover costs I was able to improve and enhance the shows with better equipment and lenses.


If you are here I guess we must have met either at a show or any of the places I pop up now and again. Nice to meet you. If you have contributed to keep my little project going
Thank You.
Martin Dunkley – AstroTrek



Over the years many events happen relevant to “space things “which grab our imagination. The Moon Landings, Voyager 1 and 2, Hailey’s Comet, Shoemaker – Levy 9 crashing into Jupiter and more recently the Mars Rovers. I like many have always found anything space related amazing but this was usually restricted to the late night monthly viewing of “ The Sky at Night “ and of course looking at the Planets and Stars was for smarter folk.


A combination of a few beers down the local and my new toy in the back of the van later became a mini sky watch with me regurgitating my recently acquired knowledge to my new audience with an unexpected bonus of lots of free beer. This is a lot more interesting than a dark damp field with only screeching Owls for company. If this is the effect just one scope has, let’s try more. With now four scopes delicately forced into my little van I set up anywhere that would let me. Village Greens, Pub car parks, Music Venues even at busy Bus stops anywhere I could get an audience. I never got bored of that first wow.

5 - OUCH - 2012

2012 Has proved to be a very challenging year on many fronts with loss of close friends and also my job of 12 years. I was at the stage of ASDA or ASTROTREK. After some soul searching and a few air miles I found that some Hotels and businesses in Gran Canaria would give me the opportunity to share my passion and introduce the night Sky to as many people as possible. Selling the family home and moving abroad was not a decision taken lightly but Gran Canaria provides the conditions needed after many frustrating years of playing roulette with the British weather.

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As many Astronomers know there is no end to “what you need “which all costs money. One major expense is protecting your scope and a lot of cases are a quarter sometimes half of the cost. We all try to make the cardboard box last to the end after fighting many long nights of due and the ripping sound when you pick it up wrong. A cheap alternative is bespoke canvass bags if you have a local canvass Company. Corby Canvas

1. Take your old battered box

3. Canvass bag is a snug tight fit.

2. Tape up to reinforce the weak areas.

Original packaging protects perfectly and should last a good few years. Save a fortune.


Astrotrek is free to book. The Project is funded by donations from anyone who wishes to contribute.


A full price tariff/list for 2013 is available upon request.


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